Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yummy Mummy class

On Monday Maria and Lone hosted a baby weaning class. Lone, a baby nurse, gave the new mothers tips on introducing solid foods to their 5 - 7 month olds. I was thrilled to play and photograph the adorable babies. And I even learned a thing or two about nutrition, cooking and motherhood!

Delicious all natural fruit and vegetable purees

Zach tasting his first food!
The Mummies savor their handywork.
Freddy is ready for more but Zach's unsure.

Mummy likes that Freddy's a fan of solids!
Happy Heath!

Playtime for Emily after her butternut squash snack.

How cute is Heath?

Afternoon tea with scones, tart and pavlova

Freddy - knackered from eating his first solids.

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