Friday, May 11, 2012

Architect's daughter

That's right, my lineage has paid off. I successfully built my own bed all by myself yesterday. The jolly John Lewis (UK department store) delivery men told me it would take two of us an hour. This IKEA graduate did it in 45 minutes, solo.  
Bedroom before
Bed built by Wynne
Cozy, isn't it? That's a "small double" size bed which is 120 cm or 47.2 inches wide.

All made up
From my bedroom window I have a lovely view overlooking the gardens (backyards).

Out my bedroom window 
As you can see our garden is a bit unkept at the moment. Maria and Hraquel (our upstairs neighbor) are on a mission to improve it with our downstairs neighbor's approval. See the garden is actually his. I will keep you updated on their mission.
Garden to the right
Garden to the left.
What's with the trampolines? Must investigate the British fascination with trampolines. 


  1. Love that your intuitive and handy:)

  2. Great bed! I never could have gotten it together. What a peaceful view out your window!