Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We now have a home phone and internet! A laborious affair.

It went like this. 02 sent an email providing a date on which they would then set an appointment for installation. On that date, 02 texted the installation appointment time for the following week. It's a 5 hour window! Fortunately my schedule was open to greet the service man. Once the phone was connected, broadband then took several more hours to be activated. Why wasn't it immediate? It's a process of course.

And I have a UK bank account!     

Sadly Lloyds TSB missed out on my business. They had no options for a former customer. Even with old statements in hand, the teller's reply was, "You shouldn't have closed your account."

HSBC was happy to have me for a nominal monthly fee. It's hard to do things in this country without a UK bank account. Now I have a debit card with a chip which makes purchases smoother. Clerks and servers try to withhold their eye rolls when you say you're paying with a credit card requiring swiping. 

Since banking is all PIN based here, they've got security covered! Internet banking with HSBC came with my very own mini key pad. 

Internet banking security as a key chain

I log on to the website. On the key pad I push the green button and enter my PIN. It generates a security code which I type in online to gain access to my account. It's a different security code each time. And my key pad is specific to me and my account. I don't understand all the technology (3G, WiFi, RFID?). It's impressive though! 

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