Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Like riding a bike again...

Yesterday I finally braved London's traffic and rode into town. Maria has an extra bike she'd loaned me. I had forgotten exactly how much I love to cycle! My bum did too.

Maria led the way, showing me the best route with cycle lanes, less congestion and easiest-to-cross intersections. SoHo was our destination as I had shopping to do in Covent Garden. It's an easy 25 minute ride. 

Surprisingly my backpack was able to hold my new purchases - heels and wellies for this weekend's  wedding! Bonus - both were on sale because it's "The July Sales". Every store has items at 30 - 50% or more off! 

Yes Mom, I wore my helmet. There's too many crazies driving on the wrong side of the road. 

On the way home I was riding solo and even managed to take a longer scenic route via Abbey Road. We live close to the famed zebra crossing (crosswalk) where the iconic Beatles photo was taken. There are always tourists there waiting to get the perfect snapshot. 

With my restored cycling confidence, I rode to & from Bikram Yoga today. The 30 minute walk is only a 10 minute ride!

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