Friday, June 1, 2012

Baking Frenzy!

Bake with Maria has been a busy place the last two weeks! I enjoy the role of freelance photographer with payment in baked goods.

A few of the highlights:

BREADS & SPREADS - Recipe testing for the new class. All delicious and all homemade (of course)! Pita, flatbread, hummus, tabbouleh and tzatziki.
Mediterranean breads and spreads
Puffy pita pockets
Chopping dill for the tzatziki

Hummus - my favorite!

FRENCH PASTRY - Amazing pastry chef, Pino Ficara, came from Paris to teach this course. 

Students made creme brulee, eclairs, creme puffs, napoleans and madeleines.


Pino creates a napolean.
Making eclairs and creme puffs
Better than any Parisian cafe 

Torching the creme brulee
A student's take home box.
After class, I gave it a try.

CROISSANTS - Another day, another French lesson from Pino Ficara. The lesson I learnt - exactly how much butter it takes to make a croissant. Let's just say you are much better off not knowing.

Pounding the dough
It's the Eiffel Tower! 
Creating the perfect croissant
See the layers of butter in the croissant dough? 
Rolling the pain au raisin
Pain au raisin

Pain au chocolate production
Flaky fresh croissants 

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  1. Whoa! The french pastry class and croissant classes look delicious. I'm for all things sweet. I'd be in trouble if I had all those yummy pastries around me.