Monday, July 23, 2012


Another reason I love London - celeb sightings. 

Today I actually spoke with Helena Bonham Carter. I had seen her a few weeks ago in my Bikram yoga class. As if improved flexibility, balance, meditation and all the rest of the benefits of Bikram yoga weren't enough, I now had additional motivation to attend class!

Fast forward to this morning. After class I walked out behind her and noticed her slip on a large wet spot on the lobby floor. I said, "Oh let me clean that up before someone slips" using my yoga towel to clean the floor. She replied with "Yeah, yeah ... (mumbled something about slipping), Thanks."  I wish I was able to make out the mumbles. Thankfully she only lost her footing for a split second.

Other encounters over the last couple months include Mischa Barton walking with friends on Primrose Hill; Creative Director of the Opening Ceremonies, Danny Boyle popping into a corner store on Marylebone High Street and Parks & Recreation's Rashida Jones sticking her fingers in her ears to silence the sound of jackhammering in Soho. 

Just waiting to run into Gwyneth or Madge one of these days. 

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