Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Post-Olympic Depression

I've been suffering since 12:30 AM BST Monday at the conclusion of Closing Ceremonies. I have many fond memories and even more pictures to whittle down to "the keepers". So bare with me. I will post the highlights.

Overall I'd say London 2012 was more than I, or almost anyone who was here, expected. The volunteers were highly trained in hospitality with smiles and friendly "hellos" at every pass. It felt more like Southern hospitality than British hospitality. Perhaps they were wearing hidden Coca-Cola IVs? The weather even cooperated for the second half of the Games! Cabbies didn't have much to complain about as the traffic was lighter than normal. Public transport ran really well too. And spectators were patient and jovial about the entire experience.

Much like Atlanta in 1996, London was a 2 week long party! She really was at her very best! So now we're dealing with the hangover.

Always looking on the bright side, the Paralympics start on the 29th. Hope to score seats to a few events but again tickets are hard to find.

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